Madera Discounts & Random workouts

The Randomness

Does anyone else have those weeks where no matter how much you plan, nothing goes the way you expect it? That has been my past week. My workouts included a short distance bike ride, a mediocre leg day routine while mowing the lawn and a half-assed workout in a hotel gym. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you are getting much accomplished, but I always strive to get some sort of physical activity in each day.  Save 30% on Hammocks w/ promo code (S1CA30) and 20% on all apparel (S1CA20) through July!

Hotel Workout: Randomness

Walk-Run treadmill circuit: Run 75% of max effort for 2 minutes, walk 20 seconds (20 minutes total)

DB Bench: 5×15 reps, DB Row: 5x15reps, DB Shoulder press 3×15, Cable Lateral shoulder raises: 3×12 each


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