MaderaOutdoor – Brand Ambassador

Hey hey hey,

I got some pretty awesome news today that I was selected to partner with an awesome company, Madera MaderaOutdoor. as a Brand Ambassador. I have been a huge fan of this company for a while now because of their mission and their vision as a company….plus they sell a figgen awesome Hammock! If you are an outdoorsy person like myself, you should have 2 things on your wishlist for the summer; a Madera hammock and a fanny-pack (bringing it back from the 90s).

Check out the MaderaOutdoor website for more information about their phenomenal cause, and let me know if you like any of their apparrel because I can hook you up with some great DISCOUNTS throughout the summer.

Side note: Got my butt kicked again during a workout tonight. Went to Knockout Fitness. with a good friend, and tried his routine…see below.

Warm up:

4 sets: KB swings x 10 45#, Pull ups x 10, Push ups x 25, Rocky situps x 10


4 sets (superset) – BB bench press x 8,6,4,2 & 45# plate chucks x 10

2 sets (superset) – DB flat bench x max reps (failure at 20-25 reps) & 45# plate oblique side bends x 20 each side

4 sets (superset) – Overhand seated row x 12 & Tricep pushdown x 15

Finisher: “The Bear Complex” 2 sets of 8 cycles. 1 cycle = front squat clean, shoulder press, back squat, behind head press.

Email me, or comment if you ever have questions about my workouts!



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