Boot Camp Class (I’m sore)

I am always looking for a new challenge, so I decided to attend a boot camp class at Power Train Sports. yesterday. When I woke up today I was a little bit stiff to say the least, but had a blast sweating my butt off with a group of strangers looking to improve their fitness levels.

It’s always humbling when you try something new and realize you aren’t as “baddass” as you think. Being a competitive person, I tried to finish first during each circuit yesterday at class…I did not. Two 40 year old men smoked me on the treadmill station, free weights station and pretty much every other station during the entire workout. These guys were on another level when its comes to boot camp classes, and I simply couldn’t match it yesterday.

This just proves that age is only a number and we can all stay fit for life with hard work and persistence.

I will be posting a series of mobility and stretching videos on my Instagram over the next several weeks, so check them out @ fitnesslabsoutdoors!

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