First Post Ever! Positive thinking & daily workout!

Well…..I decided to start this micro-blog today because I was struggling to motivate myself at work, and consequently got hyper-focused on expanding my Instragram outreach… thing lead to another and here we are…(I’m blaming this one on my ADHD).

We all have these days where it seems impossible to get things going. I didn’t have the most productive work day which can be discouraging, but I did teach myself how to create a simple micro-blog to share my experiences. Life is all about perspective; Sometimes it takes a little thinking, but I can usually find something positive in an initially perceived negative situation.

Think positive; Think big!

My daily workout: Ran 3 Miles – 200 Push-ups – 20 minute stretch. Nothing crazy, but I didn’t feel like driving to the gym. #fitlabout



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