Mini Vacation

Took an awesome mini-vacation to my girlfriends camp on Loborough Lake, ONT this past weekend with 12 others. Spent a majority of the day hanging out with friends and trying new water sports/yoga classes (compliments of our weekend yoga instructor lol). Can’t beat spending time with friends in the sun, but don’t forget  to mix in something active.

Running/Yoga: I’v been attending alot more yoga classes recently because my IT bands and hips have been extremely tight. I have started using lacrosse balls to break up more knots in my glutes and hips and to roll out my IT bands. Give it a try! HOW TO…


Madera Discounts & Random workouts

The Randomness

Does anyone else have those weeks where no matter how much you plan, nothing goes the way you expect it? That has been my past week. My workouts included a short distance bike ride, a mediocre leg day routine while mowing the lawn and a half-assed workout in a hotel gym. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you are getting much accomplished, but I always strive to get some sort of physical activity in each day.

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Hotel Workout: Randomness

Walk-Run treadmill circuit: Run 75% of max effort for 2 minutes, walk 20 seconds (20 minutes total)

DB Bench: 5×15 reps, DB Row: 5x15reps, DB Shoulder press 3×15, Cable Lateral shoulder raises: 3×12 each



4th of July, Lake, Workouts!

I spent the 4th of July in Skaneateles, NY with my family and friends. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the celebrating and skip workouts, so I made it a priority to do a quick workout each day prior to indulging.

I’ll admit that I did consume several cheat meals, but I also had fun playing basketball, water skiing/swimming and working out at the local YMCA with my brothers.  It’s the little things like these that help me stay positive about my fitness level and continue to push myself in these situations.

Workouts: 1 mile warm up jog, Incline DB press 4×12, Seated row 4×10, KB swings 4×8 (heavy), Wallballs 3×15, Machine Curls 4×12, Decline ab crunches 3×15, single leg box jumps 3×8 each. I also played basketball/ran, swam and water skied each day to help me feel like an athlete still…lol.

Feel free to email me about my workouts, and ask for a custom plan if you enjoy the variety of exercises I likes to do to stay in shape!


MaderaOutdoor – Brand Ambassador

Hey hey hey,

I got some pretty awesome news today that I was selected to partner with an awesome company, Madera MaderaOutdoor. as a Brand Ambassador. I have been a huge fan of this company for a while now because of their mission and their vision as a company….plus they sell a figgen awesome Hammock! If you are an outdoorsy person like myself, you should have 2 things on your wishlist for the summer; a Madera hammock and a fanny-pack (bringing it back from the 90s).

Check out the MaderaOutdoor website for more information about their phenomenal cause, and let me know if you like any of their apparrel because I can hook you up with some great DISCOUNTS throughout the summer.

Side note: Got my butt kicked again during a workout tonight. Went to Knockout Fitness. with a good friend, and tried his routine…see below.

Warm up:

4 sets: KB swings x 10 45#, Pull ups x 10, Push ups x 25, Rocky situps x 10


4 sets (superset) – BB bench press x 8,6,4,2 & 45# plate chucks x 10

2 sets (superset) – DB flat bench x max reps (failure at 20-25 reps) & 45# plate oblique side bends x 20 each side

4 sets (superset) – Overhand seated row x 12 & Tricep pushdown x 15

Finisher: “The Bear Complex” 2 sets of 8 cycles. 1 cycle = front squat clean, shoulder press, back squat, behind head press.

Email me, or comment if you ever have questions about my workouts! fitnesslabsoutdoors@gmail.com




Boot Camp Class (I’m sore)

I am always looking for a new challenge, so I decided to attend a boot camp class at Power Train Sports. yesterday. When I woke up today I was a little bit stiff to say the least, but had a blast sweating my butt off with a group of strangers looking to improve their fitness levels.

It’s always humbling when you try something new and realize you aren’t as “baddass” as you think. Being a competitive person, I tried to finish first during each circuit yesterday at class…I did not. Two 40 year old men smoked me on the treadmill station, free weights station and pretty much every other station during the entire workout. These guys were on another level when its comes to boot camp classes, and I simply couldn’t match it yesterday.

This just proves that age is only a number and we can all stay fit for life with hard work and persistence.

I will be posting a series of mobility and stretching videos on my Instagram over the next several weeks, so check them out @ fitnesslabsoutdoors!


First Post Ever! Positive thinking & daily workout!

Well…..I decided to start this micro-blog today because I was struggling to motivate myself at work, and consequently got hyper-focused on expanding my Instragram outreach…..one thing lead to another and here we are…(I’m blaming this one on my ADHD).

We all have these days where it seems impossible to get things going. I didn’t have the most productive work day which can be discouraging, but I did teach myself how to create a simple micro-blog to share my experiences. Life is all about perspective; Sometimes it takes a little thinking, but I can usually find something positive in an initially perceived negative situation.

Think positive; Think big!

My daily workout: Ran 3 Miles – 200 Push-ups – 20 minute stretch. Nothing crazy, but I didn’t feel like driving to the gym. #fitlabout